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Ben Mackinnon | ♦ Five of Diamonds ♦ ([personal profile] intotherough) wrote2011-11-24 09:34 am


Name: Cadogan Thomas, Ten of Diamonds
Relation: Golf Club Thief/Investigation Supervisor

Name: Sophie Berthier, Five of Diamonds
Relation: Girlfriend

Name: Eowyn "Mel" Philomel, Four of Diamonds
Relation: Friendship

Name: Pip Tulec, Two of Diamonds
Relation: The Money

Name: Victor Fox, Nine of Spades
Relation: Friendship

Name: Siné Barrie Mackinnon
Relation: Mother

Name: Dr. Anthony Mackinnon
Relation: Father

Name: Kirstin Fraser
Relation: Ex-fiancee

Name: Jamie Hepburn
Relation: Ex-partner [Deceased]