[Gael/Sarah] Roses and Virtues

Jul. 19th, 2017 10:47 am
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She couldn't blame either of her dads for waiting to call her until the next day. Elisha had, she imagined, had Carlos and Ty and Oliver to deal with, on top of Gaël. Then Daniel Prochazka, then Noëlle almost first thing the next morning. Hadyn had had...well, the theatre. And with all the dramatics, it was natural that no one thought to call the person on the periphery of the situation until she'd been making coffee in the apartment above her store. Patrick Zeitlin hadn't seen her with Gaël, after all.

Though she couldn't help but think - if she hadn't been so distracted with the suite of jewelry she was designing for a new bride in the Diamonds, and had let Gaël drag her away from her blowtorch and welding materials, would they all have been better off? Then, at least, with Ollie calling Ty too, that bastard would have been hopelessly outnumbered, and she might have been the one to make sure he was dead. Sarah wasn't usually one for might have beens, but she couldn't help considering the possibilities as she stood in her kitchen letting her coffee get cold. Was she isolating herself from her family by living away from the Castle? How was it that Gaël's insane ex hadn't even seen her? How did she get to a place where she was so apart from what was happening to her friends - and her family, because Carlos was as much her brother as Ty was. Those increasingly turbulent thoughts were why, in the end, she listened to Daddy, and didn't rush into Carlos' suite at Club Castle. She leaned on her stores of patience instead, and waited.

Waited until Dr. Prochazka and Gaël had gone back to the Victorian style house she'd spent half her teenage years in before she showed up at the door, a ridiculously cheerful bouquet in hand and a smile pasted on her face that didn't reach her worried dark eyes. "If I'm the first person to bring you flowers, love," she said though, "then I'm worried that our friends don't really get you, and I'm just going to have to retrain them. Of course, Ty is hopeless, but I've got hope for Oliver and Carlos."
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The text message almost didn't wake him up; it was only because, by some coincidence, he gone to Mooseknuckle tonight and ended up upstairs with Eric that he even picked up the phone after the bartender elbowed him in the side. And even then he just stared, uncomprehending, before he made his fingers move in reply to Hadyn Novak. "I've got to go," he whispered as he tossed the covers back and pulled on clothes. "I'll explain later today," he added as Eric leaned up on his elbows. He'd come up with something, at least, when he could think past the feeling in the pit of his stomach as he nearly ran down the steps outside the bar and turned towards Club Castle.

None of the guards tried to stop him - one, in fact, laid a hand on his arm and said he could take him - and it was less than ten minutes between Hadyn's text message and Daniel's arrival at Carlos Sánchez's apartment door. He raised his brow just a bit as the door was opened by a handsome Latino man with Elisha Kagan at his back, but then he was inside, and the King of Clubs led him to the bedroom door before leaving with the man who couldn't be much older than Gael. Leaving before Daniel could demand to know what the fuck had happened.

And then there was Gael, and what happened paled in comparison. "Gael," he murmured as he sank down into the chair that had been pulled close to the bed. His hand lifted and smoothed over his hair. Somehow he had a suspicion he knew what - who had happened. Someone he'd asked to be sent away years before in return for a favor he'd done for Jordan Novak. Someone who damn well better be dead now.

He smiled, though, as Gael blinked up at him, and pushed his glasses up on his nose. "Rough night, mm?" he said, switching to French. It wasn't his native language the way it had been Léon's, but it had always been the private language between them and their children.

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